7 SEO Tips for Law Firms

Do you have a law firm website? Do you know the fundamental basics of marketing it? Well, read this piece to find out.
You don’t have to be a computer guru to market your legal company. Actually, there are a few easy steps to take to enhance the flow of clients inquiring about your legal services. Let’s have a look at some of the fundamental SEO tips for law firms.

1. Enhance the website speed

The way your site loads can impact positively or negatively on the visitor’s experience and on the search engine rankings. Imagine cases where a website has a delay of one second per load. This will actually enhance your customer’s dissatisfaction by up to 16%.

Similarly, it will reduce the page views by 11% as well as limiting the client acquisition by 7%. As you can see, the speed of your site can ultimately affect your business.

If you get prospects clients searching for lawyer services will not be patients enough to wait for the site to load. Instead, they’ll open other faster websites. What does that imply? Well, work hard to improve the speed load of your website.

2. Concentrate on the visitor’s experience

Search engines and Google is always on the idea of focusing on the site design and the user’s experience. The aim is always to offer the best experience.

Your law firm’s site must be responsive which implies that it can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices. You need to remember that many people are using smartphones to browse and so, you should look forward to creating more potential clients.

Another feature that needs to be considered is the content of your page. The page should have content and a few images. Think about your favorite website. How do they display their information? Then implement that on your law firm’s blog.

3. Use the words that people search

One of the critical parts of your law firm’s SEO strategy is getting to know the words that people use in search engines.

The keyword should be used throughout your law firm website to enhance the ranking on Google and attract prospective customers.

There are several tools that you can use to find the keywords that people use. Some of them are; Ahref, SERPS, Keyword.io, Wordstream etc.

4. Create keyword specific pages

When you get the right keywords related to your firm, the next thing is to build pages or blog posts. Use specific keywords and avoid creating pages from keywords with low competition.

For instance, if you use a keyword like an affordable divorce lawyer, you’ll get around 10-50 searches per month. Your website can be the only potential site with the answers they’re looking for.

5. Avoid penalties

If you own a website, you should understand how it works to be ranked by search engines. If you don’t follow the right procedure, there are some penalties for that.

A penalty may occur when your site displays a plagiarized content from Google. It basically re-directs your visitors to sign up and register so that they can have full access to the content. A penalty may also occur if your site has been hacked.

A hacked site redirect visitors to spam sites and in such cases, the Google will detect and flag it. Keyword stuffing is another thing that can lead you to penalty. In your law firm blog, you must not use the same words from time to time. This is wrong and you’ll be penalized for it.

6. Add your website to Google my business

Google my business is essential to the site’s ranking on Google. When you sign up, there is a postcard that needs to be sent via mail to verify the business. When you receive it, verify the site so that you can be visible in localized and map searched.

7. Use a strong CTA

Using a strong CTA is vital to improving your search ranking. A call to action must be a noticeable and unique statement directing the visitors what to do when they arrive at your site.

When a client visits your site, you should have a page with a contact box, location, or a way to reach out to you.

Basically, you should look for a way to set your page such that your contact information will pop-off the page. You can consider offering a free consultation to the clients who are online.

Was this piece helpful? Well, follow the above SEO tips for the Law Firm if you’re looking forward to ranking well on Google.